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Promote Your Events

What happens if you don't Advertise or Promote your Products, Services and Events effectively? 

Answer = NOTHING Happen

Save Money Using E-Flyers

In today’s' global market, E-Flyers is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise.

Benefits of E-Flyers include vivid graphics without the costs of printing and postage. 

Forward AfriktownCrier generated E-Flyers to your existing customers. Take advantage of ChatAfrik huge mailing lists database (over 15 years in the making) to target your prospective audience. Send out your Newsletter to our entire mailing lists for maximum effect and generate instant traffic to your website. Share your eFlyer with our growing Social Media network including Facebook and Twitter. E-Flyer that looks great has maximum marketing effectiveness.

Afriktowncrier Is Calling On All Marketers, Advertisers And Announcers  

Your needs: 

The goal of all Advertisers, Marketers and Public Announcers is to share their message/product with a wide audience.  Achieving this goal can sometimes prove to be difficult as they may not always have the right or sufficient outlets for their messages. The AfrikTownCrier has a proven record of being able to reach more people all over the world than any other e-communication company. Its subsidiaries and affiliates (NaijaPolitics, ChatAfrik, NaijaElections etc...) have attracted and continue to attract readers and netters worldwide. Our company has been around since 1993 and we announce anything from Banks Public Offering, Weddings, Organization Convention and new Product Release ..., you name it!

So if you are an Advertiser, a Marketer or have some Announcements to make and you desire to reach a worldwide audience, you need to get in touch us. If you are looking for a voice to help you publicize your events, and you want to reach all audience in all the continents, then we are your right partner for the job. Share your information with Matto's 150,000 Email Database and over 500,000 additional internet users/visitors to our affiliated websites and Forums. Our prices are reasonable because making your business look good is our business.